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Don’t Wait For Opportunity, Create It!

Updated: May 1, 2022

Today let's talk about career goals. Good things don’t come for those who wait, they come for those who work for them! Yes, there are very lucky people who get an opportunity that they wished for just out of the blue, but that’s one in a million. Normally opportunities are result of right mindset and law of attraction.

The best teachers are the players on top of your game and usually they are willing to help as most successful people are givers, but only to those who really deserve. None of them will pay you much or spoil you. They will give you the knowledge and the connections after testing if your desire is higher then your ego. During that period you will get very valuable lessons, but you can learn only if you are focused on the main purpose, not circumstances of that moment. That's why many business men/women have someone who guided them in the beginning. They didn’t just meet them. They met them and were approved to be ready for the opportunities.

Let me summarise this. To get the “opportunity” you have to be improving these 3 things: SKILL (education) CIRCLE (connections) IDEAS (creativity). By the way, meditation is a necessity as it does clear your mind from trach and helps to focus, but about it I will write next week. Result: your skill set will grow to a higher level and through expanding your circle you will keep meeting people that will bring you closer and closer towards the goal. If you are moving, you are improving, and desired result will come. You might call it an opportunity, I call it a successful strategy and determination. You attract of what you think of because when you think of something you keep educating yourself on the topic, keep creating new ideas that make you stand out and keep meeting people with similar interests because you involve yourself in environment to meet them. It is nothing more then a fact. My biggest desire for all of you is to find what inspires you and you can experience the magic of the mind and your full potential. HOMEWORK: Think about 3 career opportunities (that's minimum, if you have more on your mind use them) that you think is you path. Imaginable end goal has to bring success and financial independency. Write it down. For each one give a week and focus on it. See the one that is most enjoyable and interests you the most. Analyse your thoughts, what inspires you. It is good to experiment. I have been experimenting for many years till I heard myself. So can you.

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