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What Fitness Bikini Competing Taught Me

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Today I want to talk about importance of SETTING A GOAL, CREATING A PLAN and SETTING A TIME SCALE TO REACH IT.

When I was in school, there were 28 students in my class. When we finished, only a few have figured out what is their true passion in life, including myself, but it took me couple more years to set a plan and start moving forward. The rest of the students followed the recommended university path, ended up in jobs that do not meet their true calling. Don't get me wrong, I am all for education, I have finished 3 studies myself, but all were in something that interests me: fitness, acting and business. I used my education as a tool to move towards my goals, and studied not for a degree, but for discipline and to learn more.

Anyway, the problem was that as students we weren't taught the most important thing - to find the right way and set a strategy.

When I got interested in fitness bikini I joined a beginners class for competitors. Then I already have been working as a qualified personal trainer, but I did want to get the right guidance and tools how to get ready for my first show. There were 17 girls who arrived for the first stage training class. All different sizes and shapes. We all had 12 weeks to prepare for the show. We were all given an individual plan how to train and what to eat. in 12 weeks 17 of us were standing on the stage.

What is the difference between these 2 stories?

First story - educated young adults with no goal, no strategy, no time scale. The result is negative. In the second story we see beginners in the bodybuilding but with a GOAL - competition shape, PLAN - how to train, eat and pose (the more creative people got with their stage presentation and posing the bigger chances they had to win) and TIME- 12 weeks. There was not even 1 person who failed.

I haven't won my first show. Neither did I second, third or forth time. Fifth time I became a PRO champion. I competed because I knew that my goal is to win, and the more I compete, the more I practise and I will win one day.

I implemented this strategy in most of my start ups:

First - I set a goal that meets my skills and interests.

Second - I set a plan and time to reach smaller goals that will lead me to the top.

Third - I do the job.

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