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Relationship With Yourself Sets The Tone For Every Other Relationship You Have

Updated: May 1, 2022

Love yourself before anyone else - maybe this line sets an argument for some of you, but I kindly ask to read my thoughts.

You are the only person in this planet that can make you happy, I spoke about it in the previous blog. So, you are the most important, not your friends, or girlfriend/boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, you should love the people close to you and in general everyone as we are all same energy, but never put anyone in front of yourself.

Think about yourself as a magnet. When you show a divine self love, the energy around you starts glowing. You start focusing on your body and goals. What happens then? You automatically start attracting the right people in your life. If you come across a person who is not suitable for your circle you do not waste energy by trying to fit him in. When you give your energy to feed someone else’s ego you forget yourself. It happens in many toxic relationships, where one person is giving his energy to other, and another is feeding on it with not return. Many times the cycle starts from meeting a narcissist or energetic vampire and after the relationship ends continuing meeting similar people as a person forgot how to love himself/herself. In those situations people lose their path, get into bad habits and so on. Good news - everything can be back to normal! If you are in this situation my best advice is to stop chasing people and start looking after yourself.

When a person starts looking after himself/herself, they attract right partners or friends to life and if meets someone who brings him down or does not show right connection, respect and love he/she separates as the inner peace and balanced energy is most important.

When 2 highly spiritual, self loving people meet the connection between them is smooth and positive. They both are self driven, give to each other care and love BUT feel the return (not as in a toxic relationship). But do not forget, you will not be involved in this persons life if you are a taker, or desperate for attention. This person will choose you only if your energy is in balance. For that you have to love yourself and remove all the toxic people around you.

What about family? Love for children? Every parent loves his children, but some tend to show more connection then others. And all children leave parents one day. Mothers give away their life for their kids, and then have to watch them leave family home. This leads to depression. When a parent has a lot of self love and harmony, the love he/she gives to the child is not obsessive, it helps a young person to learn spirituality and many other important things. Child becomes more of a young student, that parents love very much, then the centre of universe. Never forget, a child has his life, and you have yours. They are separate.

Love is something to share. Not to give without return. And to share love you have to have it for yourself. Once you truly look after your energy, show self respect, care and kindness to YOU, then others will do the same. And if they don’t you will not connect with them. Your life will be full of beauty. What is the point to give your life away for someone? They already have theirs. Live yours, Love yourself.

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