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What Is True Beauty?

Updated: Feb 16

Social media changes our life's and perspective to beauty. More and more women are possessed by images they see on the internet.

It seems like beauty started to be rated by photos on Instagram or other social media platforms. Women look at each other’s profiles and compare themselves, focusing on how to create content

similar to the ones that they liked. They start wasting so much time on this that it becomes an obsession for many and leads to depression as the game is never ending. There will always be someone better. When people come to me and ask how to grow their Instagram accounts I always ask a question: why do you need it? If the answer is not clear, I would never give an advice as I do not want someone to fall in the competition trap. If someone has a good reason, business plan, I help with all I possibly can as INSTAGRAM IS A BUSINESS PLATFORM. If you promote a business on social media your view is absolutely different. You see it as numbers not as a competition. So what is real beauty? In this fake world it is hard to find this answer. But I will share with you my opinion. Something that is DIFFERENT. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to look after yourself. But instead of wasting time taking pointless photos it is possible to spend it on your education, hobbies and so on. Believe me, the most “beautiful” Instagram model, who only thinks about her profile does not compare to a woman who has her business, hobbies and can hold a conversation. If a woman wants to be truly interesting she has to be able to show not only her outside beauty, but her inner self. In my life I have met many women. For me they are all beautiful. But there were only few who I was truly impressed by. They had something different about them for example a really big passion for their job, or an interesting hobby. It had nothing to do with their looks. I am saying this to all the ladies who do live in this social media trap. Stop comparing yourselves to others, be different as this is the real beauty.

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