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You Become Like 5 People You Spend The Most Time With

Updated: May 1, 2022

Have you heard these words before by Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Or: “Look at someones friends, it tells a lot about a person.“

That is true. Naturally we adapt to situations and are influenced by our enviroment. Someone who is driven might lose motivation and a lot of oportunities if he/she surrounds himself/herself with wrong people. Also opposite, right circle of people might help with growth and self development.

Lets say a person has a goal and correct mindset, but gets involved in a relationship or friendship with someone who has bad habbits. There is a very big chance that he/she will be influenced by wrong behaviour and lose the way. Also, the information that is collected during every day can play a big role in the game. While communicating with the right crowd, a person might come up with new ideas and strategies, that will push him/her move forward, also, get valuable knowledge and advices.

Did you notice, that most successful people have mentors, or those who like to work alone constantly read or listen to audiobooks? If you want to be successful the information collected needs to bring benefits. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to have pointless discussions with friends and rest the mind from thinking about work and goals, but if all friends are like that, that means you get 4-5 hours of empty information during the day. And that is way too much time wasted. Think about conversations that you have with friends. If most of them pointless, you can always try to choose a topic that will being benefit to both sides.

Also, the right partner is very important. Even if two people do not have same passion, they need to be able to listen to each other, give oppinion and support. Your home has to have peaceful atmosphere and bring happiness as only then you can focus on main goals. There are many relationships that break, as there is no harmony at home. And I do believe, that if it is not possible for a couple to solve their issues they have to walk separate ways, as drama and negativity is the fastest road to bad habbits and forgeting real purpose. Any relationship has to have a positive impact on both partners. If it is not the case then this situation will lead to lower quality of life. Always try to work it out with your partner. Couple therapy is a good way to solve personal issues and create space for making eachothers life better.

Have a look at your closest friends. Do they bring you up? Do you bring them up? It is important not only to recieve the support from others, but also give it to them. Try to recognize goals that your friends or partner have and take some time to think of ways to give new ideas and motivate. You will see how people will appreciate it and you will improve relationship in general.

If you like to work in a team and do not have the right circle my best advice is to get into like-minded community. Lets say your goal is to lose weight, but all your friends and partner have bad eating habits and do not exercise. That doesn’t mean that you have to detach yourself from them, as if the energy is right they play a big emotional role in your life. Good thing would be to open new doors for new people. In this situation to join group classes, get involved in courses about fitness or visit seminars that support healthy lifestyle. That way you surround yourself with people who have same goals. You will have more motivation and bigger chance for success. It is also good to create friends online or have a life coach if you can not physically attend to classes or events.

People around you have to be your strength, not weakness. Many times it comes to us to look for ways that can change behaviour of another person. If it does not work then it is time to change the circle. Always remember that if your friends or partner are not willing to become your strenght they don’t deserve your attention or time.

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Yes!!!! ☝🏻


Yes!!!! ☝🏻

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