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About Gabriella Melrose


Gabriella Melrose is a certified female life coach and author. Through her work practice, she has helped countless women around the world to change their way of thinking, get out of comfort zone, overcome fears, achieve goals and create successful relationships. Gabriella believes that every woman can change her life if she starts working on mindset and energy. She has carefully selected and applied methods that are not only easy to understand, but also effective. Her goal is to help as many women as possible to create the kind of life they dream of. Work experience: +1000 private clients, +600 students in group training, +10,000 books sold. ​

Gabriella started working as a life coach after a long journey of self-development that changed her life. The woman did not understand why unsuccessful situations came into her life, so she began to look deeper for answers. "For a long time, I studied, analyzed myself and changed my thinking, as a result of which my life was also transformed," says Gabriella.

Her experience and knowledge helped to reveal the true purpose of life - to help other people. Currently, Gabriella is a famous self-development coach who, through her teachings, helps women to start looking at life differently, achieve their goals and find love within themselves.

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