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About Gabriella

Gabriella Melrose (Gabrielė Slizevičiūtė) is a certified women's life coach and book author. Her mission is to help women worldwide discover their inner strength and create a harmonious, successful life.

Gabriella has helped countless women change their mindset, work with their energy, step out of their comfort zones, overcome fears, achieve goals, and build successful relationships. Her achievements include over 1,000 individual video consultations, 600 students in group training sessions, and 10,000 books sold.

The Path to Transformation

Everything in this world is energy and has its own vibration. As human beings, we have two choices: work with our energy to shape our reality or be controlled by the outside world. Gabriella's mission is to help you understand your energy body and transform your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Real change starts within and then manifests externally.


Gabriella offers private life coaching sessions online, designed for busy schedules. These sessions will help you explore your inner self, build meaningful relationships, and reach your desired goals. Start your journey today. Don’t wait for change - create it!

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Join Our Community!

Join our community of women dedicated to growth and empowerment. Gabriella offers live self-development seminars, group meditation sessions, and spiritual retreats. Together, we uplift and inspire each other, creating a nurturing space for both personal and collective transformation.

Be part of a supportive network where you can share your journey, learn from others, and thrive in a positive environment. Embrace the power of community and take the first step towards a more fulfilling life.

For more details, please contact us!

Online Coaching

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