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Where To Look For Happiness?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The world we know is built of several senses: smell, taste, vision, touch (feeling), sound. If someone takes it all away from you, who are you? If you can’t smell, taste, see, hear, feel a touch, can you still be alive? Technically, yes!

Think about it, If you can’t see the world, if you can’t taste the food, hear the music, smell the flowers and feel the touch of your loved one, then what else is there?

Or if you lose one of these, does the goal that interests you remain the purpose of your life and the key to happiness?

If the purpose of your life is to have a big house and a fancy car, and suddenly you can’t see it and touch it, does it still matter as much? No

Nature is magical. It created all of us equal. Maybe not financially, but it gave us the same opportunities to seek happiness and experience life as much as we can.

That means the only place where true happiness and pain exists is in ourselves. The outer world can not create our feelings; only we can. So if you want to seek true happiness, you have to look not into a bank account but close your eyes and dive deep into the unknown. There you will find yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, having goals and wanting to earn money is a normal thing. Money gives us more opportunities to experience life, travel to different places, buy goods and taste delicious food. Also, it allows helping others.

Reaching goals motivates us, makes life more interesting, and fitness keeps our bodies healthy. But none of it is happiness. Happiness is a state of mind that all people need to find and practise. It is the MOST IMPORTANT GOAL of a human's life. That's why meditation is essential. It comes before spending time with friends, earning money or exercising.

When you reach a state of inner happiness, your ego dies. Why? Let me explain.

The ego is created by the brain's fake understanding that happiness lives in the outer world. We compete with others, try to make ourselves feel important and so on because of the fear of loss.

  1. We are scared to lose what we believe makes us happy.

  2. We are scared to lose the opportunity to get something we believe is happiness.

EGO also creates sadness; we are sad once we lose something because we believe it did or will make us happy.

All the wars, political games, crimes, jealousy, pain after breakups, losing money and so on are simply EGO.

When you find inner happiness, you are free of ego as you do not fear losing it. It lives in you until you die. And every time you feel affected by the situations of the world, you know how to make yourself happy again.

It doesn’t matter if you break up with someone if you lose money, position at work, status, fame, or any opportunity. Everything can be created again. Also, do you need it? Maybe that is a sign of experiencing new things, new feelings.

Life becomes like a game, an exciting journey where you want to experience as much as possible and try to reach the highest mountains not because of ego but because of curiosity.

I do not know why the system is built to make people see the world differently. This remains one of the biggest mysteries for me. From the day children enter school, they are thrown into a system where they have to follow the rules for rewards. They are made to believe that it is their life purpose and has to make them happy. Children learn things they don’t need and are examined for a grade that doesn’t matter. After they work a job, they don’t like money that doesn’t make them happy.

In my world, children should be taught from 1st grade to explore subjects and study what they like, learn what happiness is, and create businesses with no fear of failure, as that does not exist. The only thing that people should crave is experiences, making and giving.

Unfortunately, I can’t change the system, but I have my little corner here where I can share my opinion and help you to find your way to happiness. It lives in every single person.

Look into the mirror. This is all you need to make yourself happy.

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